I was able to fake an online presence for two businesses in a matter of hours

When I bought my house I relied heavily on reviews to choose my conveyancers. I had no idea what a conveyancer did to be honest so I had nothing other than other people opinions to go on. I found one that had brilliant reviews. Several were being added each day and having the odd negative review made me trust them more as their reviews seemed real. It turns out those reviews were fakes and as a result I was nearly

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Hooray It’s Time For A Giveaway: Win Up To £450

We’ve received a good amount of feedback on Hubbite so far but we want to make sure that the site is working perfectly before officially launching so we are running 3 competitions to help increase Beta Tester usage. These are: Win £200 By Writing Reviews Online Hubbite is an exciting new social media website which is a mixture of Instagram and TripAdvisor. At the moment the site is in testing mode before an official launch and the person who writes

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